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Mount Si High School Athletics Booster Club


Mount Si Wildcat Football FAQs

1. When do Freshmen practices occur? Is it different from the Varsity/JV practices?
Freshmen practice separately from the Varsity/JV. The Varsity/JV coaches do help out with freshman practices on occasion. Freshman practice Monday through Friday. Typical practice time is 2:45 to 4:15. This allows players to ride the activity bus in the afternoons. First bus leaves at 4:30. Friday afternoon practices times vary on whether teachers have self directed (12:45 pm start for practice) or building/districted directed afternoon meetings (2:45 pm normal start for practice). There is no activity bus on Friday.
2. When does Varsity/JV practice?
Monday through Saturday – Varsity practices Monday through Thursday (2:45 to 5:30), games on Friday. Players arrive 3 hours or sooner before game time. They will have position meetings and a walk through indoor practice before dressing for the game. Saturday practices start at 9am and are a film study day for Varsity players and game prep for JV players. JV Games are on Mondays and coaches will set the time for players to arrive at school based on travel or home game (2 to 4 hours before).
3. Does my child’s physical “roll up” from the middle school if they just had one done last year?
Yes, middle schools pass along grades and athletic physicals to the high school at the end of 8th grade. Players MUST have a physical form completed before they will be allowed to practice in any sport.
4. How much does it cost to play football at the high school?

For the 2018-2019 school year, the school district charged a fee of $200 (“pay to play”) fee for each sport and they must pay an ASB fee of $55. An individual athlete that plays 3 sports only has to pay for two pay to play fees. Families have a maximum payment limit of $400 for the school year. Families have until the date of the first football game to pay this fee or obtain a scholarship/waiver from the school district if they meet financial eligibility requirements. Compare the costs of high school football to any select baseball, basketball or soccer team which run in the thousands of dollars. Football has over 12 adult coaches working throughout the week. The booster club helps to offset the “true cost” of football so that all families are able to participate regardless of their economic circumstances. Volunteers and fundraising activities help to keep our costs down.
5. Is bus transportation provided for football players to games? Yes, transportation is provided both ways for all away games.
6. Are players expected to lift weights (on their own) during football season? What about during the off-season or while they are playing other sports?

The Varsity/JV coaches set aside a portion of practice time for weight lifting to allow players to maintain strength during the season. Players will lift more intensely during the off-season. Freshman players don’t lift during practices (with shorter practice time) during football season, but they are welcome to do so when they have time. Players’ first priority is the sport that they are participating in during that sports “season” (fall, winter or spring). Every sports program at the high school has some type of strength and conditioning program for their players during the season and off season. Strength and agility training are vital to successful football participation. Players need to put on muscle mass in order to compete against older/stronger athletes and to remain healthy. It is important to include agility and speed training with a weight program, so that an athlete remains agile as his body grows heavier. For multi-sport athletes, playing another sport that emphasizes quickness (basketball, soccer or track) can be just as beneficial. This provides a break from the physical demands of football, use of different muscle groups and continued conditioning for the athlete.
7. Why do only freshman parents work the concessions at Varsity Games?
First, we only ask freshman parents to work the varsity home games so that it allows parents to watch their sons play on Friday nights and so as not to conflict with them getting to watch their sons play at C team games. This one or two home game commitment is only asked for one year of football. Current varsity parents have already made their contribution on game nights 2 or 3 years ago. Secondly, there are still many varsity players’ parents working before, during and after home games in volunteer positions on the booster club. The goal is to not have parents of players working during their son’s playing time.
8. When is the C-Team and JV/Varsity end of season banquets held?
The C Team banquet is typically held on the Thursday following the last C team game. This is a very informal banquet for the players and coaches immediately following school. Pizza, dessert and drinks provided for the team and players are dismissed in time to catch the activity buses. The Varsity/JV end of season banquet is scheduled for a weekday night following the conclusion of the season. When the team is in the playoffs, the end of the season isn’t known until the team loses out. Typically, the banquet is scheduled out several weeks after this last game to allow time to adequately prepare for the event. The banquet typically includes a potluck meal for the players, coaches and families followed by the awards and recognition ceremony in the auditorium.
9. Is there a parent organization that supports Wildcat football?
Yes, the Wildcat Football Booster Club.
10. How do I join the Football Boosters?
As a parent of a child participating in the football program, you are automatically a member. There is no membership fee.
11. What are my responsibilities as a Football Booster member?
This is strictly a voluntary organization, but your help is greatly needed and strongly encouraged in order for this program to work.
12. How can I help?
We need volunteers in many areas. Some ways you can help are to work concessions at the varsity home games, to serve meals at the Thursday night team dinners, help fundraise or coordinate team events.
13. How much time is required?
We ask each family to commit to at least fours hours a year. This is equivalent to working one varsity home game.
14. When can I start?
Right away! We welcome all the help we can get! Its' is really fun and a great way for freshman parents to meet other football parents.
15. When should players have their physicals complete by and how long are they good for?
Physicals have to be in place for fall clearance to practice this fall. Physicals are good for two years.
16. Are Booster meetings always going to be on Tuesdays?
Yes, all booster meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

17. Microsoft Matching
On the Microsoft Match Giving portal, search for "Wildcat Booster Club" for financial or volunteer hour donations. Make sure to note that the donation is for "Football" and include yours and your player names for reference. 


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